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Membership Application


Associate Membership – Available for new businesses in the planning/construction stages. Find out how others have overcome the labyrinth of council bureaucracy – you are not alone.
Fee - $200 / discounted to $150.00 if paid by 31st Dec 2019

Full Membership – Upon registration/approval of the business being granted with the local council, full membership can then be applied for.
Fee - $200 / discounted to $150.00 if paid by 31st Dec 2019

Additional Facility/s
Fee - $200 / discounted to $150.00 if paid by 31st Dec 2019

Small Business
Fee - $200 / discounted to $150.00 if paid by 31st Dec 2019

(Membership fees are per calendar year, subject to change, *no GST applicable.)

Business Facilities

Dog Boarding KennelCat BoardingGrooming
Select all that apply

Registered Business Details

Business Licence (if applicable)

Contact Details


I/We agree to membership fees being deducted via auto direct debit with the bank details supplied when membership has been approved.

How Did You Hear of the Association?

If another member, please provide member's name or website, mail, our website, other, please state.)

Membership Conditions

Full Membership applications must enclose several recent photo/s of your establishment along with a business card and or brochures, or a website address that contains pictures of your business premises.

I/We acknowledge that membership is conditional upon ongoing compliance of the Associations code of ethics and hereby agree to confirm to that code.

I/We agree to send recent photos; a business card or brochure and a link to our website to info@apbg.com.au as evidence of our establishment.